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About me

I like to think.

People and things attract me by stimulating my brain. This love for the act of thinking makes things like debating, presenting ideas, exploring new concepts and solving problems extremely interesting to me.

This is why I became a designer.

No, my goal is not to make pretty posters and "make your logo bigger".
My goal is to solve problems by applying techniques such as "design thinking" and "user-centered design" in everything I do.

If I feel like the kind of person who can help you, contact me or read my long story version in the bottom of the page.

Personal info

(Dating app style)


  • Design thinking
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography


  • Global design International BA
    IADE - Creative university - Lisbon (ongoing)
  • Multimedia Design BA exchange
    KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi - Copenhagen
  • UX Designer from scratch course
    Interaction design foundation
  • Human-Computer Interaction course
    Interaction design foundation
  • Interaction Design for usability course
    Interaction design foundation


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Premiere pro
  • Invision studio
  • Webflow

Things I like to do

(Other than design)
  • Explore new technologies (yes, I am a nerd)
  • PC gaming
  • Play futsal
  • Play team sports in general
  • Read non-fictional books
  • Present ideas
  • Attend workshops

People I admire

  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Elon Musk
  • Gary vaynerchuk
  • My grandfather
  • You, if you are still reading

Workshops /

  • Ricardo Bravo surf photography workshop
  • Web summit (x2)
  • EDP Bold contest
  • Global Goals Jam 2019
  • KEA Charrette 2019
  • Stefano Mangini - "Brand inception" masterclass
  • Jamer Hunt - "Not to scale: Transdiciplinary Design and complex systems" masterclass
  • Robin Teigland - "Design at the heart of the future of the value creation" masterclass
  • "Society 5.0: The challende of Sustainable Smart Societies" conference
  • "Disruptice Design: Is your UX future-proof?" webinar
  • "Tornar a tecnologia mais humana" webinar
  • Invision studio training workshop
  • Eye tracking workshop
  • High tech summit Copenhagen by DTU
  • University Startup World Cup
  • Volunteer at GOTO Copenhagen 2019

About me

The long version.
This is not a long-form CV or a list of reasons why we should work together, I just want you to know me as a person.

Every story has a beginning, right? This story begins on the 19th of September of the year 2000 in Caldas da Rainha, a small city in Portugal. There was I, as ugly as any newborn, but not quite the same as all the other ones because out of all the things I could suck at, I sucked at breathing and was born with asthma.
Fast forward ten years I went from an ugly newborn to a kid who loved to play in piles of electronic waste, pretending to build my own labs, computers, and helicopters out of old equipment that I used to collect from different factories in my hometown.

Around the age of 12, I started to show interest in the technological field and was always trying to fix basic, but very rewarding at that time, PC issues. This passion for computers, more specifically hardware, continued to grow as the years passed by and at the age of 14 I built my first desktop computer with the help of youtube videos.

At the age of 15, I was deeply interested not only in electronics but also in business, economics, entrepreneurship,and photography, so I decided to pursue a science course in high-school. Makes sense, right? Wrong. I agree that it wasn’t my best choice ever, but at that time it seemed like the more versatile one and itended up not being that bad of a choice.

By the end of the science course, I was sure that I didn´t want to pursue anything science related and even considered dropping out of high school, even though I was having excellent grades. So, as someone who loves business and economics while at the same time recognizes the importance of arts in the human life and lives to create various types of content, I decided to join “the third culture” and pursue an international global design BA at IADE creative university.

Now that you know a tiny bit of my background, you are ready to know who I am these days.
I love to think. Tell me to solve something and I will do anything to get the dopamine from solving it. This addiction to thinking makes me extremely goal driven.

Keyword: curiosity. I would like to know everything and am working towards it. I love to research and learn about new topics ranging from quantum computing to poetry which turns me into a multidisciplinary individual since I prefer to have a global understanding about a wide range of topics than to be an expert insomething very specific.

The best way for me to learn is by listening, therefore, talking about topics that interest me is a natural thing and I appreciate any opportunity to make a presentation or teach someone.

Some of my most relevant interest are computer hardware, technology, printing, psychology, design, and economics.

I don't like excessive noise (unless in a proper concert), and also don't like to be interrupted while I am writing or in focus moments in general. A defect that I have is that I am too stubborn sometimes.

I aspire to be the best. I am still figuring out what I will be the best at, but my main inspirations are SteveJobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, so you can see where I am heading. For this reason, paychecks don't motivate me. I am motivated by challenging projects and the idea of creating legacy and change.

Since I am still not the best, I want to learn with those who are. Learning from people who are passionate about what they do is one of the most rewarding things ever, therefore, I'll see any project as a learning opportunity.

I am José Gonçalves, a nineteen-year-old from Portugal who you can now call “Zé”.